Microsoft Office

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General Information
Topic Microsoft Office
Duration (classes) 30
Start date 05.04.2021
End date 28.04.2021
Time 17:30 – 20:00 Monday, Wednesday & every second Friday
Content information
Short Overview This course will provide a solid foundation in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, where beginners would have the opportunity to learn the basic skills for word processing, for creating excel spreadsheets, for preparing presentations and sending emails through the use of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook programs.
Program  Course Outline

1.       Microsoft Windows

1.1.    Basic Window Elements

1.2.    Exploring Office Backstage

1.3.    Working with the Ribbon

1.4.    Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

1.5.    Working with KeyTips

1.6.    Using the Status Bar


2.       Microsoft Word

2.1.    Introduction to Word

2.2.    Editing Document

2.3.    Formatting Text and Paragraphs

2.4.    Designing Page Layouts

2.5.    Working with Graphics

2.6.    Creating and Formatting Tables

2.7.    Managing Lists

2.8.    Printing and Converting Documents


3.       Microsoft Excel

3.1.    Introduction to Excel

3.2.    Performing Calculations, using Formulas and Functions

3.3.    Modifying a Worksheet

3.4.    Formatting a Worksheet

3.5.    Printing Workbooks

3.6.    Manage Workbooks


4.       Microsoft Power Point

4.1.    Introduction to Power Point

4.2.    Adding and Formatting Text

4.3.    Customizing Presentations

4.4.    Working with Shapes and Pictures

4.5.    Adding Objects and Effects

4.6.    Delivering Your Presentation

5.       Microsoft Outlook

5.1.    Getting Started with Outlook

5.2.    Navigate the Outlook Interface

5.3.    Formatting Messages

5.4.    Working with Attachments and Illustrations

5.5.    Organizing Messages

Target audience This course is designed for those who wish to acquire skills using Microsoft Office applications. This Qualification is helpful for any Office job, such as Admin Assistant, Administrator, or Office Manager.
Competencies    for the target audience  No prior knowledge of Microsoft Office is needed.
Trainer Information
Short bio                Larisa Mitic is MS Office Instructor at Seavus Education and Development Centre vast experience of more than 10 years as trainer.
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