Agile Basics

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General Information
Topic Agile Fundamentals
Duration (classes) 15
Start date 19.04.2021
End date 23.04.2021
Time 16:30 – 19:00 Every day (Monday-Friday)
Content information
Short Overview Agile is an attempt to make the process of software development better and more effective, and it’s seen increasing popularity and success.

Agile is an incremental, iterative approach to delivering high-quality software with frequent deliveries to ensure value throughout the process. Agile places a high value on individuals, collaboration, and the ability to respond to change.

Program   1.       Project Management Basics

2.       Waterfall Basics

3.       History of Software Development

4.       Agile Overview

5.       Agile Manifesto and Values

6.       Agile Principles

7.       Myth busters

8.       Characteristics of Agile Practices

9.       Agile Components

10.   Agile Journey 

Target audience Anyone interested in AGILE framework.
Competencies   for the target audience  No special competences required.


Trainer Information
Short bio                Marija Nikolovska is SCRUM Certified Trainer, with vast experience in the field. Both of the trainers are leading SCRUM projects with big clients in IT and Telecommunications industry for many years.


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