Digital Advertising

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General Information
Topic Digital Advertising
Duration (classes) 47
Start date 23.02.2021
End date 15.04.2021
Time 17:30 – 20:00 Tuesday & Thursday
Content information
Short Overview
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals (OR Digital marketing Trends OR Digital Advertising Landscape)
    • Website Analytics
    • Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
    • Competitor and Website Analysis
    • Digital Market Research (optional)
  • Social Media Advertising
    • Targeting Social Ads
    • Ad auction and delivery
    • Paid Ads Optimization Strategies
    • Standard and Custom Conversions
    • Ads Management
    • Linkedin Campaign Manager
    • Facebook Ads Manager
    • Track and Measure Paid Social
  • Search Engine Advertising
    • Google Ads
    • Google Search Network
    • Google Display Network
    • Google Ads Conversion Tracking
    • Track and Measure Google Ads
  • Digital Advertising Strategy
    • Digital Advertising Plan & Budget Forecast
    • Lead Generation
    • Mobile App User Acquisition
Target audience
  • Working professionals who want to improve in digital marketing
  • Individuals who want to enter corporate job of digital marketing and advertising
  • Existing Marketing and Advertising professionals looking to upgrade their knowledge
Competencies        for the target audience 
  • Ability to develop and execute a digital advertising strategy
  • Planning digital marketing campaigns, including SEM, social media and display advertising
  • Tracking, reporting and analyzing website analytics
  • Managing campaign expenses, staying on budget and estimating monthly costs
  • Efficiency in Search Engine Marketing
  • Setting Standard and Custom Conversions
  • Measuring and reporting on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns
  • Knowledge of running Mobile App Install campaign
  • Using paid advertising for Lead Generation
  • Practical knowledge in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
Trainer Information
Short bio                Igor Dimkovsi is а marketing and communications professional who helps clients align digital marketing activities with business goals. He has a robust understanding of traditional and digital marketing along with a solid foundation of what digital product or service is and how businesses work.

Over the past decade, through full-time roles and consulting work, Igor has created content strategies, produced events, driven social media strategy, and created digital strategies for news publishers, mobile apps and global B2B companies.


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