Introduction of programming with Python

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General Information
Topic Introduction of programming with Python
Duration (classes) 24 (Academy duration, can be longer)
Start date 09.02.2021
End date 04.03.2021
Time 17:30 – 20:00 Monday, Wednesday & every second Friday
Content information
Short Overview This Python Programming course is a beginner’s course. You will learn to code using Python. We will teach You how Python works, to work with and manipulate strings, to perform math operations, to work with Python sequences, to collect user input and output results, flow control processing, to write to, and read from files, to write functions, to handle exception, and work with dates and times, and (basic) Object Oriented Principles (OOP). This Python course is taught using Python 3.
  • Data Types, Variables:

Primitive types; Characters & Strings; Boolean; Working with variables and its scope; Type conversion and casting.

  • Operators and Expressions:

Introduction of operators; Arithmetic operators; Relational operators; Assignment operator; Logical operators; Increment and decrement operators

  • Decision Making:

If statement; If – else statement; If- elif – else statement; Nested if – else

  • Using Loops:

The while, while-else; do-while and the for loop; Jump statements: break, continue; Nesting loops.

  • Data Structures:

Lists. Tuples. Dictionary.

Using Built-in modules and functions for strings, math and dates.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles.

  • Using Modules:

Creating and using Functions.

Creating a Module in class; Calling a Module; Returning value from a Module; Adding a Method that takes parameters;

  • Introduction to Classes and Objects:

Creating a Class; Creating an Object; Using an Object; Adding Instance variables; Controlling accessibility; Naming conventions for class members. Inner Classes.

Class Constructors; Parameterized Constructors.

Inheritance. Overload.

  • Exception Handling:

Fundamentals of exception handling; Exception types; Using try and Except.

  • Files, streams:

Open, Traverse, Read and Create Files: Csv, txt and Json Files.


Target audience Programming enthusiasts, Business Employees (Finance, Legal, Marketing), Workers in need of Reskilling
Competencies        for the target audience  General Computer Knowledge (Win , Linux or Mac OS)
Trainer Information
Short bio                Aleksandar Razmovski, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst @ Seavus Group


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  1. PYPL Ranks Python as Number 1 Programming Language for 2020.
  2. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=%2Fm%2F05z1_,java,.net&hl=en-US
  3. Python is one of the easiest to learn programming languages, and quite extensible with numerous third party modules and packages.


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Learn to code with Python, will be fun like Monty.


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