MS Excel Advanced

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General Information
Topic MS Excel Advanced
Duration (classes) 27
Start date 14.07.2021
End date 04.08.2021
Time 17:00 – 19:30 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Content information
Short Overview Excel is one of the most used software applications of all time. This course is designed for the participants who want to perform accurate and rapid calculations with results ranging from simple calculation to complex financial analyses. Advanced MS Excel helps you to structure and present your data impressively.
Program  Course content

Working with Ranges

  • Use Ranges
  • Select Ranges with Mouse & Keyboard
  • Select Non-adjacent Ranges
  • Enter Values into a Range
  • Use Auto Fill

Using Paste Special

  • Work with Paste Special
  • Copy Values between Worksheets
  • Copy Formulas between Worksheets
  • Perform Mathematical Operations

Using Conditional and Custom Formats

  • Apply Conditional Formats
  • Change a Conditional Format
  • Add a Conditional Format
  • Create a Custom Conditional Format
  • Use Data Bars
  • Delete a Conditional Format
  • Create a Custom Number Format
  • Format Dates

Drawing an Object

  • Draw Enclosed Objects
  • Draw a Line
  • Select &  Move an Object
  • Add Text to an Object
  • Resize an Object, Format Lines
  • Change & Remove Fill Colour
  • Change Font Colour
  • Delete an Object

Working with Comments

  • Create, View & Print Comments
  • Discussion Comments

Using Formulas and Functions

  • Understanding Formulas & Functions
  • Create a Relative & Absolute Reference
  • Working with Logic Functions
  • Working with Text Functions
  • Using More Text Function
  • Use Financial Functions
  • Use Date Functions
  • Working with Lookup Functions
  • Understanding VLOOKUP() Function
  • Understanding HLOOKUP() Function

Using Advanced Functions

  • Use the IF Function and Nested IF Function, Use the IFERROR Function
  • Use an AND Condition with IF
  • Use an OR Condition with IF
  • Use the ROUND Function
  • Limit the Precision of Numbers

Advanced Charting

  • Add, Remove and Format Gridlines
  • Format an Axis
  • Change the Axis Scale
  • Format the Data Series
  • Add Data – Different Worksheets
  • Use a Secondary Axis
  • Change Data Series Chart Types
  • Add a Trend line
  • Create, Customize, Remove Sparkline

Using Large Worksheets

  • Full Screen View
  • Splitting the Window
  • Freezing Panes

Managing Data

  • Use an Advanced And Condition
  • Use an Advanced Or Condition
  • Copy Filtered Records
  • Use Database Functions
  • Find Unique Records
  • Remove Duplicates from a Table

Data Validation

  • Define the criteria for checking the validity of data
  • Types of criteria for checking the validity
  • Making downlights lists
  • Use of formulas to check the validity of the data

Creating/Revising PivotTables

  • Create a PivotTable Report
  • Add PivotTable Report Fields
  • Select a Report Filter Field Item
  • Refresh a PivotTable Report
  • Change the Summary Function
  • Add New Fields to a PivotTable Report
  • Move PivotTable Report Fields
  • Use Expand and Collapse Buttons
  • Hide/Unhide PivotTable Report Items
  • Delete PivotTable Report Fields
  • Create Report Filter Pages
  • Inserting & Using Slicers
  • Format a PivotTable Report
  • Create a PivotChart Report

Using, Recording, Editing Macros

  • Change Macro Security Settings
  • Open a Workbook Containing Macros
  • Run a Macro
  • Use a Shortcut Key
  • Use the Visual Basic Editor Window
  • Record a Macro
  • Assign a Shortcut key
  • Use Relative References
  • Delete a Macro
  • Write a New Macro
  • Enter Macro Comments
  • Copy, Edit and Type Macro Commands

·         Run a Macro from the Code Window

Creating a Macro Button

  • Use, Create, Format, Move/Size & Delete a Macro Button

Using Worksheet Protection

  • Unlock Cells in a Worksheet
  • Protect &  Unprotect a Worksheet and Workbook
  • Create & Delete Allow-Editing Ranges
  • Assigning a Password
  • Opening a Password-protected File
  • Removing a Password
Target audience Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in working with tables and analyzing data.
Competencies for the target audience  No special competences required beside basic knowledge in MS Office.
Trainer Information
Short bio        Trainer is Ms. Julijana Acoska, Coordinator at the Academy for design at Seavus Education and Development Center.

Trainer for MS Office and Adobe courses for end users with more than 10 years of experience.

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