UI/UX Design

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General Information
Topic UI/UX Design
Duration (classes) 66
Start date 18.05.2021
End date 09.07.2021
Time Monday, Tuesday and every 2nd Friday
Content information
Short Overview Every digital interface/interaction (e.g. web and mobile application, car dashboard, smart appliance) was designed to solve a problem or to make our lives better, easier, more successful. Every time you use your phone, the buttons you push, the gestures to swipe up, down, left right, the font choices, the color scheme—all these were designed by a UI/UX designer. In other words, UI/UX is the communication layer between the computer software and the user.  This hands-on, projects based course, explores the principles and practice of user interface and user experience design for digital platforms.

Students in this course will use the human centered design process to understand users and design digital tools that are intuitive to use and create a bit of delight along the way. We use tools in this class like Adobe XD to design.  Weekly assignments reinforce learning along the way and a final project pulls it all together.

Evaluation of student success will be based on assignments that include observation, brainstorming, sketching and prototyping, computer-generated low and hi res mock-ups, user testing, and analysis.

Program  UX design

  1. What is UX design?
  2. History of UX Design
  3. Application of design thinking in connection with structuring processes and methods of user analysis
  4. Analytics – UX Persona
  5. Defining goals for final UX design
  6. Generating original ideas for digital products and development
  7. Skeleton and Surface – Defining structure and user interface –layout (wireframe)

UI design

  1. What is UI Design
  2. History of UI design
  3. UI Design Tools
  4. Creating and development of interfaces
  5. Creating web icons
  6. Responsive design prototyping
  7. Prototyping and development of interactive and animated prototype
  8. Presentation and export of prototypes
Target audience Everyone who is familiar with graphic design tools , or any other design software.
Competencies        for the target audience 
  • Understand the definition and principles of UI/UX Design in order to design with intention.
  • Achieve a deep understanding of the entire life-cycle of design—the process, purpose, and tools.
  • Learn the basics of HCI (human-computer interaction) and the psychology behind user decision-making.
  • Discover the industry-standard tools and specific project deliverables in UI/UX.
  • Explain why you made design decisions, through presentations of assignments and your personal portfolio.
Trainer Information
Short bio                Janakievska Milka , UI/ UX Designer at New Moment New Ideas Company. 10 Years of experience in the field, with more than 100 UI/UX projects in her portfolio.


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